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A collaboration with Anat Shamgar and Yuval Mesner

[ 2007 ]

A collaboration with dancer ANAT SHAMGAR and musician YUVAL MESNER.


"Stones" is a performance piece for stage, deriving from postmodern dance that grew in interaction and as response to minimalist art of the 70's. But it also refers to Zen aspects of the eastern culture. Combining the JOHN CAGE like abstract use of movement and sound and the simple pedestrian quality introduced by YVONE RAINER with the emphasis on minimality, silence and stillness, putting the interaction of the inhabiting body and its environment and the unity of all things in the center of it's interest.

The piece attempts to bring to the stage a quality of "being". The stones are matter, material, landscape. Objects through which the space is grasped and influenced. They are both the space and the representation of the concept of the figure as an object in space (the image separated from its background).


We are trying to express a state of "being", waiting for impulses of movement to come as genuinely as possible, nothing external, only as reaction to the stones, their place, weight, order. We move in order to be, to know that we are here, and we are because we move.

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