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Ronnie Heller, Biography

Ronnie Heller   רוני הלר

Artistic director, choreographer and performer in "Ronnie Heller Dance Theater".

Former member of "clipa" theater. Studied visual art at "kalisher school of art", graduated from "Rubin academy of music and dance" where she is teaching since 2004.

Living and creating in Tel Aviv Israel.

רוני הלר, רקדנית וכוריאוגרפית עצמאית. חיה ופועלת בתל אביב.
יצרה את "קרש", "רהיט" "יחסי אובייקט" "אן ו אם" "דריפטווד" ו"הלן".

מלמדת באקדמיה למחול בחוג לתנועה, ובאוניברסיטת תל אביב
בחוג לתיאטרון.

Born in the U.S.A 1975.


1986-90 gymnastics training.

1993-94 painting and philosophy studies.


1993-95 Visual arts studies at "Kalisher school of art" in tel-aviv.

1995-96 Intensive practice of soft Chinese martial arts : Chi Kong, Pakua, Meihueichuang with master Yossi Morgenstein.

1996-2000 BFA Dance studies at Rubin academy of music and dance in Jerusalem: somatic work, post-modern dance, E.W. movement notation, contact improvisation, Ikido, Feldenkrize technique, Alexander technique.

Studied with Prof. Amos Hetz, Anat Shamgar, Shlomo Edelsberg, Eylat Almagor.

2001-4 Training, studying and teaching pilates Technique at studio tamar under Tamar tzahi.

2001 "Masterclass Ushio AMAGATSU" (sankai Juku) ATELIER DE PARIS, Carolyn Carlson Paris.

2002-4 Studied practised and performed Noa Eshkol dances from E.W.M.N. under Rachely NOOL kahana as part of "a cappella dance ensemble".

2003-4 pregnancy and birth of my first son.

2005 Rented a working space, composed and performed my first piece: "portrait", met and started to collaborate with composer DGANIT ELYAKIM.

2006-present Teaching at the "RUBIN ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DANCE" movement dep.

Collaboration with dancer Anat shamgar.

Workshop with Eva Kartzag (former member of Trisha brown Dance Company) @ Findhorn foundation Scotland.

2007 first workshop with butho master TAKETERU KUDO @ Clipa theater TLV.

2008-9 pregnancy and birth of my second son.

2009 Workshop with Butho Master TAKETERU KUDO and JUNE WAKABAYASHI @ Clipa theater TLV.

2010 Butho studies with Tamar Borer TLV, workshop with butho master Katsura kan

2011 Member of Clipa co-creator and performer of "The Observatory" Israel Festival Jerusalem and "Summerfest" Dresden.

Workshop with Butho master TAKETERU KUDO" @ Clipa theater TLV. Butho master class with Astuchi takanuchi" @ Artness IL.



רוני הלר, רקדנית וכוריאוגרפית עצמאית