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Chapter 2 of "KERESH" - a trilogy by Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elyakim

[ 2012 ]

"Selfobject", chapter 2 of "KERESH" - a trilogy for two bodies and a plank by RONNIE HELLER and DGANIT ELYAKIM, featuring NICOLAS CASCALLAR MARQUIS.


 " "Keresh" the duet expands to two bodies, as Heller holds the dancer N.C. Marquis, in a kind of pieta pose or a classic motherly embrace. The image of both of them together represents a fragile moment that  contains within itself the potential  collapse of all that is physical and  conceptual. Though most of the time they are held together, it so seems that the slightest movement will destroy not only their weak connection, but a complete set of values. These  are dances that contain total efficiency, performed at a speed that seeks no applause. Every object becomes in its relation to the body a small tamed piece of a place that holds within an order and an efficiency and a beauty, a new place of creation of life. Not out of dependents but through introspection and observation..." 

Anat Zeharya for Yediot Ahronot

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