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Chapter 3 of "KERESH" - a trilogy by Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elyakim

[ 2012 ]

"Song Without Words" is chapter 3 of "KERESH" - a trilogy for two bodies and a plank by RONNIE HELLER and DGANIT ELYAKIM, homage to Jacqueline Du-Pre's "song without words" by Mendelssohn.


"In the third chapter Heller returns to the plank, now used as a cello. She sits with opened legs as she drags the bow across it with an adagio like slowness to the sound of Mendelssohn's "song without words" as performed by cellist Jacqueline Du-pre. The bow is held by the hand, by the foot, by the mouth. If before it did not yield to metamorphose into anything other than a plain plank, now it is tamed, designed and domesticated into a musical instrument, producing sounds that are not his own. And here appears the most interesting element of the piece: the plank "rebels" and out of the music breaks free the same knocks still recalled from the first chapter, only with a stronger, resisting  force...."

- Ruth Eshel for Haaretz, Galery about "Keresh" @ Suzanne Dellal 2012

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