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"Keresh" (plank)


Chapter 1 of "KERESH" - a trilogy by Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elyakim


[ 2012 ]

"Keresh", chapter 1 of "KERESH" - a trilogy for two bodies and a plank by RONNIE HELLER and DGANIT ELYAKIM.


"... in this first part of the trilogy, Heller moves with a plank, a slice of wood the width and hight of her shoulders. The story of the once growing tree can be perceived through the forms of it's textures. In other words, this wood that was once alive and is now a passive object... As Heller moves with the plank thrusting it into the floor it voices a sound out of which Elyakim ventures to create the planks language and it doesn't cease to speak. Thus is created a duet between a mute dancer, that controls and manipulates the plank, as it speaks its' own word..."

Ruth Eshel for Haaretz, Galery about "Keresh" @ Suzanne Dellal 2012 

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