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In the DRIFTROOM. Through the floating door to breath WATER, to rest the BODY upon floating WOOD.


[ 2013 ]

"DRIFTWOOD" – a BUTOH dance.

Into the drift space, composed of dying furniture and drifts, enters a woman, to breath water and rest her body upon floating wood.

This is a philosophical piece dealing with existence through the element of WOOD . It is the attempt to dance, weaving the thread between the domestic and the natural. The cultured and the wild. The animal and the human, Into one whole of existence.


From the press:  "… to the sound of gushing waters Heller appears through an old wooden door laying horizontally. Around her, very accurately stand a broken down chair and lay pieces of driftwood . She dances slowly with deep concentration and her lips move in fishlike motions. In some moment it will be apparent that the different spaces – the domestic and the natural – unite into one circle that produces a new life, and death." (Yael Efrati for Timeout)

Created and performed by Ronnie Heller

Soundscape: From "WADE" by Simon Whitehead & Barneby Oliver.

Dress by O Rosello Shmaria O

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