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"Object Relations"

An evening of three pieces: "Furniture", "Keresh 2" and "Song Without Words". A full length evening produced by Ronnie Heller Dance Theater, Shown in Suzanne Dellal Tel aviv and other stages.


[ 2012 ]


In 2012, as a continuance and development of short works she created between 2006-2011, Heller produced and performed “Object Relations” - her first full length performance, which was created with the musician and composer Dganit Elkayam and is an intimate and minimalist dance piece that corresponds with Japanese Botoh and other out-of-dance mediums, and examines the interaction between the body and its special and acoustic surroundings.

The work was shown in Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv and other theaters and was received with critical praise.

“Object Relations” embodies many fundamental principles of Heller’s physical theater, which wishes to present work on stage with an anarchistic body, in a minimal surrounding, drawing on influences not necessarily from the worlds of dance and stage.

Created Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elyakim, featuring Nicolas Cascallar Marquis

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