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Nathan and Michelle


[ 2013 ]

"N&M" (i.e. Nathan and Michelle) is a very free interpretation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It brings about, through physical dance- theater, the impossible, tragic-comic love story between man and himself.

Nathan and Michelle are a couple. Within their world of fluid sexuality and gender, the couple moves in a dance of changed and exchanged identities and roles, composed of complex and mysterious  elements.

The characters, thriving in a ball of simultaneous actions, driven by juxtaposed motives, repeatedly destroying  and rebuilding our perception of the situation.

 Within the defined minimal space which is their room, to an original soundtrack  performed with live electronics via "Kinect" technology and played on air,  comes to life this  diffused universe with its melted borders, and the tragic love story of Romeo & Juliet becomes an absurd  psychoanalytic allegory  portraying issues of domination, sexuality and of the extent of the  subject's liberty in forming his own identity and body, in creating his own self.     

Choreography & dance by Ronnie Heller & Nicolas C. Marquis

Original music composed and performed by David Gordon

Lighting Design by Shachar Werchson

Costumes by Rosselo Shmaria

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