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The dialectic portrait of the free human being

[ 2015 ]

50 minutes of intense "black on black" dance- theater, presenting the dialectic portrait of the free human being.

Inspired by dancing Pakistan horses and by the storey of Helen Keller's lost love, that free individual is portrayed as a creature existing between the cultured and the wild, between virtuous self control and a thrusting force, on his journey to fulfill his freedom.

Directed by Ronnie Heller & Uri Frost

Performers: Oryan Yohanan Ilana Belahsen Ronnie Heller

Music: Uri Frost

Choreography: Ronnie Heller רוני הלר

Costumes:Rossello Shmaria

Lighting: Shachar Werechson


Unfortunately, this piece was not completed. As an act of freedom i decided to release it and with it the pain and suffering that the hardships concerning it's completion brought upon me. 

In this experiment I discovered that it is a Butho piece and that my work can still be defined as Butoh, therefore needing Butoh dancers that possess a Butoh spirit, and that as Butoh my work can never exist within the establishment. 

It has taught me a great lesson of humbleness and letting go.

I take this time to recuperate and will find the way to complete and fulfill Hellen and the Horses as solo or trio in the future.

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