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An interview with Ronnie Heller late 2014

"MEDEA" Contemplating the pros & cons of deserting one's children.

Dishwashing and the inherent oppression of women in the structure of the family. 

[ 2014 ]

As a mother, an artist and a human being, I constantly walk the tight rope stretched between the poles of MEDEA and Mary Poppins, striving to submit myself to the fullest, simultaneously, to  contradicting inner callings: the mothering instinct, the fulfillment of my artistic aspirations, and the drive for attaining free will. 

I dance my frustration of my failure, inherent to my existential circumstances, to the voiceover of terrorist Ulrike Meinhof, 1969, as she debates the political morals concluding in the inevitable conscious decision of deserting her children. 

"The dilemma between her personal life and political aspirations persisted and even worsened because of her new role as single mother of two small children. She felt overwhelmed, tormented herself to despair..." Preface to An interview with Ulrike Meinhof, 1969 

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