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A portrait of splitting apart and coming together

[ 2009 ]

"Furniture" - a portrait of splitting apart and coming together.

"...."Furniture" was the most complete and impressive in the evening: Ronnie Heller enters the stage above which a crystal chandelier is swinging, carrying on her head a delicate antique, table-like piece of furniture on top of which is sitting a clock, and she manages to put it down on stage without the clock sliding off. In a pale dress and dark hair her appearance is dramatic and tormented. Gradually she raises the surface of the table, and before our eyes an opening is revealed (it seems the bowels of this table that used to hold a sewing machine were removed) and she puts her head into the opening.
Here came to my imagination - and this might be a private association - the poet SYLVIA PLATH that committed suicide by putting her head into the gas stove. 

But then, as her head is inside the table and her legs in the air, suddenly a door opens in the front side of the table, and the woman is as if born out of it right before our eyes, as we observe how all of her body pulls through and releases itself from the narrow birth canal. She rises, without a word, takes a few steps back, performs a backwards flip in the air and disappears in the darkness. All that was needed to be seen was shown, and I believed... "   

-- Michael Handelzalts for Haaretz, about "FURNITURE" as performed at "CLIPA ADUMA FESTIVAL" 2010 Tel Aviv.

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